Miniature Antler Dog Chew Assortment
Miniature Dog Chew Assortment

Miniature Antler Dog Chew Assortment

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Here we have an assortment of antler dog chews for the very smallest of canine companions. From Chihuahuas and Pomeranians to Shih Tzus and Toy Poodles, these Miniature Antler Dog Chews are bound to please your pet.
  • Miniature Antler Dog Chew Assortment includes: 1 miniature elk, 1 miniature moose, 1 miniature deer
  • Ideal for dogs under 10 lbs.
  • All edges are sanded smooth.
  • Loaded with nutrients.
Antler dog chews contain no preservatives or processed ingredients. Unlike Rawhide chews, they're odorless. Antlers are naturally shed each year by deer, and are therefore an environmentally friends, renewable option.

Antlers are hard inside and out, unlike bone, and will last even for the most voracious of chewers. Instead of splitting down the middle, possibly harming your dog's mouth, Antler Chew Toys stay hard and chip off, bit by bit. Here at Perfect Pet Chews, we care about the safety of our toys. That's why we've sanded down and rounded out all rough and sharp edges that could hurt the mouths of man's best friend.

Antler chew toys contain a wide variety of nutrients. Calcium keeps your dog's teeth in great shape, especially as they age and naturally lose bone density. Iron helps carry oxygen to every part of your dog's body. Zinc keeps your dog in fine health. There's no substitute for antler chews when it comes to slow releasing nutrients for your dog.

It can take your dog weeks to make it all the way through an antler dog chew. Once it gets small enough to present a choking hazard, you can change it out for a fresh one and throw the small one away.

Our Miniature Antler Dog Chew Assortment includes Moose antler, Deer antler, and Elk antler. A pleasing variety ensures that your dog will never become bored with a chew toy.

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