Small Economy Antler Dog Chew
Small ECONOMY Antler Dog Chew

Small Economy Antler Dog Chew

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Dogs love their chew toys and this one is a favorite. This popular dog chew is made from real deer and elk antler so that they have an authentic feel to them for the dog to enjoy.These antler chew toys are a shade of ivory they are made for chewing and the enjoyment of your pet. The size of this dog chew is a size that will be appreciated by your pet. It isn't too small to be truly enjoyed but is just the right size for toting from place to place.

This dog chew will help your dog's dental health. Providing your dog with a good variety of chew toys will help their teeth to stay healthier. Chew toys help a dog's teeth to stay healthy by being a method of cleaning the animal's teeth. As the dog chews the toy is rubbed back and forth across the dog's teeth much like a toothbrush would be.

We strive to offer the best in pet products to help you provide your pet with products they can enjoy and that are beneficial to their health.
Small Economy Antler:
4 - 8" and 0 - 1.5 oz.
Economy Antler Dog Chews are made with C or 3 Grade deer and elk antler. This lower grade antler will have cracks and a drier feel when compared to our standard antler line. C Grade antlers are typically a little softer and may not last quite as long as our standard antlers. However, they still have the same great benefits, including improved dental hygiene, no chemicals, dyes or preservatives, and no detectable odor. As with any consumable pet product, pets should always be supervised while they enjoy their antler.

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