Small Split Elk Antler Dog Chew
Small Split Elk Antler Dog Chew

Small Split Elk Antler Dog Chew

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This chew is perfect for puppies, small, and elderly dogs. The all natural elk antler makes a great chew to keep your dog entertained. Dog's teeth were designed to chew, and even break bone-like materials down into small edible pieces. This is a smaller cut of Antler, and it is not recommended for large dogs or aggressive chewers as it can pose a choking risk if too large a piece of antler is swallowed.

Antlers are a nutritional way for your dog to keep occupied that they will love. Since the inside of the antler is solid all the way through, unlike bones, which are soft because of marrow. This means more quality chewing time, as the antler will last longer. They invigorate a dog's natural instinct to chew and break antler and bone like their ancestors would have done generations ago. Antlers don't splinter the way some dry bones, such as chicken bones, do and don't pose a cutting danger to their digestive tracks or esophagus.

This antler chew is optimal for dogs smaller than ten pounds, and weighs between 0.9 -1.9 ounces, and is approximately 3 inches long. It is the perfect size, to keep your small dog occupied and happy, while making then feel like a big dog. Since no cut is the same, as no set of antlers are, their is variation in the size, shape, and weight. Your dog will love chewing and smelling the antler as it heightens their natural senses, and appeals to their instincts.

Small Split Elk Antler Dog Chew
Each antler chew weighs .9 - 1.9 oz and is approximately 3+ inches in length.
Ideal for dogs under 10 lbs.
CAUTION:  Split antler dog chews are not recommended for aggresive chewers.  This item is best suited for puppies and elderly dogs.

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