Split Antlers vs Whole

Posted by Amy on 6/1/2018
As seems to be the case with everything surrounding antler dog chews, there are different schools of thought with respect to giving split elk antlers to dogs.  In our experience, split antlers are a wonderful option for many dogs.  However, as with any consumable product it is imperative to choose the correct size and ALWAYS supervise your pet.  

Antlers! Nature's Perfect Pet Chew Toy

Posted by Bryan on 4/9/2013 to Animals
Antlers are essentially odorless (to the human nose) and are shed naturally every season, making the perfectly natural and renewable dog chew for your dog.

Deer Antler Dog Chews: Natural, Easy & Economical

Posted by Joe on 4/2/2013 to Pet Chews
More dog lovers are joining in on the growing trend of giving their dogs all-natural dog chews made of deer antlers instead of traditional chew toys.

Human Food Is Not A Dog's Best Friend

Posted by Bryan on 3/29/2013
Your dog is part of your family so when the family eats, it’s natural to give in to the urge to feed your pup what the family is enjoying. Some human foods are just fine for your dog’s health while others can damage more than their waist line. In fact, some common foods are downright poisonous for dogs.

Picking the Right Pet Chew for Your Pet

Posted by Bryan on 3/12/2013 to Pet Chews
When you first bring that little ball of fur home, the excitement and joy of watching their little antics are soon overshadowed by the fact that those little bundles are a four pawed garbage disposal. As puppies, much like human babies, they teethe continuously for approximately six months.