Crooked Creek Antlers, Inc. has been in the antler business since 2001.  We work closely with established US antler suppliers to ensure that our customers consistently receive the quality product that they have come to expect.

Our antlers are all natural North American shed antlers primarily collected within the United States.  They have not been artificially enhanced in any way nor do they contain dyes or preservatives.  Your antler treat will arrive exactly how nature created it.

We offer more than 50 products for every size dog from colossal canines to your tiniest chewers.  And antlers aren't just for dogs.  We also offer chews for your smallest pets including bunnies, ferrets, hamsters and chinchillas.  And if you're a bird lover we have that covered too with four sizes of hanging bird toys.

We offer three varieties of antler chews: deer, elk and moose.  While the nutritional benefits are the same, the scent and flavor of each species is unique.  Customers may find that their pet enjoys one variety over the others.

A dog's natural instinct is to search out and chew bones.  Antler is bone.  Unlike skeletal bones that have a hollow center, the bone marrow inside an antler completely calcifies before it is shed -  making it solid bone. Because it is bone, it is naturally rich in calcium and other nutritional minerals to enhance your pet's overall health and well being.

 While it is difficult to say exactly how long your Perfect Pet Chew will last, rest assured that after selling more than a million chews across the US, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.